Arizona Contracting & Livestock is a division of Arizona Contracting Corporation. This division specializes in ranch and agricultural services

Located in the heart of Arizona, our 140-acre Facility sits at 5100ft elevation. Within the town of Dewey, we are about 1 hour north of Phoenix and 1.25 hours south of Flagstaff.  The perfect mild four seasons and central location allows us to operate year-round.  This has attracted several customers as well as full time trainers and specialists to our Facility.

Our Ranch activities are extremely diverse and consist of multiple Programs.  Our top Programs are listed below.

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Ranch Programs


Proven Spots Ranch (PSR) specializes in the breeding of rare and exotic horses. Two breeds in particular are Mangalarga Marchadors and Chilean Horses.

PSR also has several general sales horses. From trail to performance horses, we likely have one that fits your needs. 


REVIVE is an exclusive program focusing on young project horses and older kid's horses.  Always expanding, the basics of the program are as follows:

Rehabilitate: A safe, immaculate, and 100% horse safe facility for equine rehabilitation is what we provide.

Rehome: Not all horses are made equal.  However, all horses deserve a chance at finding a good home.

Far from a rescue or a hoarder hiding under the name of a “501c3 rescue” we are completely different.  We take horses in and actually rehome them.  We do not ask for donations nor do we accept them.  Anyone wanting to help is simply encouraged to adopt a special needs horse.


We have a special program called "Leg Up". Leg Up is designed to give up and coming horse trainers a leg up in the industry.


We offer special wholesale pricing on horses. This allows you, the trainer, to obtain horses with enough margin to actually make a profit.


Work for yourself instead of others! Take our horses and train them your way, on your time, and sell them for a price you see fit. Stop looking for work and start training today.

We offer several different options. From buying horses outright to no cost options. Anything is possible. Let us know what works best for you.

Contact us today. Let us help you get a leg up in the industry.

PSR Marchadors


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PSR Marchadors is the specific program designed for the breeding of purebred Mangalarga Marchadors.

PSR Chileans


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PSR Chileans is the specific program designed for the breeding of purebred Chilean Horses and Arriador Horses.

American Horse Registries

Our Registries

American Horse Registries consists of four separate registries.


We provide affordable, simple, and accurate recordation of horse lineage without the conflict and expense of breed associations, boards, and politics.


Each registry has stringent guidelines for entries.  All entries are microchipped and DNA parent verified through UC Davis  Veterinary Genetics Laboratory.

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Notice of Sale/First Right of Refusal (pdf)


Microchip Addendum (pdf)